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About Create Order


Owner Jean Kleint operates Create Order with a passion

to help busy homeowners and small business owners

who want to take control of disorder and simplify their lives


With an ability to empower people and transform spaces,

Jean creates environments that radiate order and beauty.  


She is a knowledgeable consultant devoted to caring

and professional service, and functions in her business as

Office Productivity Consultant and Professional Organizer,

as well as Home Management Coach, Interior Redesigner, and Public Speaker




Prior to establishing Create Order, Jean’s organizational skills were maximized by her business education,

along with administrative and managing experience in both the corporate and academic fields. 

She has handled varied assignments, including project management and design consulting, as well as

facilities management involving multi-department office relocations and large-scale, commercial building remodels.

She has also studied home decorating and interior redesign.


•  Jean is a Golden Circle Member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers,

   and an active member of the NAPO San Diego Chapter.  

•  She is also mother of two grown children and a long-term resident of San Diego. 

•  Jean provides seminars and speaking engagements to local groups, teaching with enthusiasm

   and humor on such subjects as working productively, getting organized, managing your home

   and business, and un-cluttering your life.


Professional Philosophy




As your Organizing, Productivity, or Redesign Consultant, I will strive to always:


•  Create custom solutions, based on your situations, lifestyle, and individual work style.

•  Make the organizing or redesign process a positive, rewarding experience.

•  Ensure a personalized, confidential, and non-judgmental atmosphere as we work together.

•  Respect your belongings and your decisions while guiding you on organizing and design issues.

•  Provide ethical, honest, and fair business practices and services.

•  Provide open discussion regarding services, fees, and any of your concerns.

•  Transfer to you the skills and knowledge needed to maintain your newly organized life.




What actual clients have said about Jean and Create Order:


•  “Jean is easy-going, patient, and kind... with great problem-solving skills...”

•  “Gives order to offices, and meaning to paperwork piles...”

•  “Makes the organizing process enjoyable and helps you to make decisions easily...”

•  “Highly organized, while highly creative...  Quick at finding easy, practical solutions...”

•  “Provides great design ideas, and creates beauty in everything she touches...”  

•  Transforms things as if by magic, and makes you love your home again!


"After setting up and starting a new business, I got in over my head, but Jean Kleint answered my call for help. If you're looking for someone to organize your bookshelf, call someone else. If you're looking for someone that can propel your business to the next level, call Jean. She stepped in as my office productivity coach, time management coach and accountability partner. At our first meeting she asked many specific questions to understand my type of business and my thinking process. We systematically organized piles into files, and she offered very simple solutions to improve how I function in my office space.


She showed me how to prioritize tasks and set up time boundaries in the same way we had set up physical space boundaries in the office. She also worked with me to set up timelines for each activity involved with my manufacturing, patent and corporation activities, and even helped to calendar my weekly action items. She taught me great techniques to take my out-of-sight-out-of-mind "worry factors" out of the ether, and put them down in writing to make them tangible and visible so I could act on them. Jean has a gift of developing a plan and a structure that is custom-designed to fit the needs of your particular business. She created a foundation of success for my business to flourish, and helped me to be more productive and more organized overall."

--PM, Scripps Ranch


“Create Order offers wonderful services to small business owners.  As a published author and lecturer, I desperately needed some order in my home office.  Jean helped me purge paperwork, writing projects and work projects, to get them out of boxes and into an organized system so I can find them.  Now she comes on a regular basis to maintain my financial paperwork and keep things in order for my taxes.  She taught me an easy bill paying method that works for me, so that things get paid on time.  We’ve worked together for several years now.  Surprisingly, she is also a great decorator, so I call her each time I want to start a new decorating or remodeling project.  She matches colors and chooses paint for me, and also finds great furnishings and accessories so we can decorate together. I so appreciate her work!”

-- KL, San Diego


"Jean came to my home and rescued me from years of clutter in the house and paperwork that was overwhelming my office. She patiently helped me sort through things I no longer needed, and I was able to donate many books and other items to charity. We plowed through papers to set up files, and she organized my desk in a way that is useful to me. I can actually get work done in the office now. I am thankful that Jean has been able to continue to help me stay organized on a regular basis. I have learned lots of tips on how to best organize for me, and it has been fun seeing the changes.”

-- SD, Clairemont


"Jean has worked with me for a number of years now, since she first came to my disastrous home office and changed the piles of papers and clutter into a great work environment--just what I needed to stay organized with both my family financial files and my school teaching files. She not only managed my paperwork into files for tax purposes; she also decorated my office with curtains and pillows and artwork, so beautifully that I actually want to go into my home office to work! Since then, her work has continued as we meet monthly to upkeep my files. Not only have I been very satisfied with her work, but my husband has been noticing the positive changes in our finances as well. If you need a great professional organizer or decorator, Jean from Create Order should be your first choice!" 

-- MV, San Diego


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Golden Circle Member, NAPO - National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals

Active Member, NAPO San Diego Chapter

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