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Home Organizing Services

      Let Create Order Professional Organizing transform your home!



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Create Order Professional Organizing can help you:



1.  Relieve stress  -  by simplifying your space and time to focus on things that matter most:


•  Create  a balanced home or office environment, to achieve more clarity, focus, and peace of mind.

•  Un-clutter  without anxiety, through gentle guidance on your clutter decisions.

•  Eliminate  stress over lost items, by creating a home for each of your belongings.

•  Get coaching  on home management, time management, and paperwork management.

•  Set up systems  for mastering laundry, meal prep, and household chores.

•  Transition  easily through situational changes in life, by feeling in control of your home again.

•  Gain  skills and proven techniques for maintaining your newly organized life.



2.  Enhance your space  -  by creating functionality and beauty to impact all areas:


•  Maximize  the function and beauty of your kitchen, living room, den, office, garage, and common rooms.

•  Change  a chaotic master bedroom into a peaceful and romantic oasis.

•  Transform  a disorganized closet, and optimize your wardrobe to make you look fabulous.

•  Manage  your office and paperwork to get your work done easily.

•  See  a dramatic, visible difference in your space from the very first session.



3.  Save you money  -  by letting Professional Organizing pay for itself:


•  Save  $$  by avoiding costly mistakes on purchases for your home, office, and organizing items.

•  Pay bills  on time and avoid late fees, with an organized “Mail & Bill-Paying Center.”

•  Maximize  existing space in your home, instead of spending $$ to add on or remodel.

•  Convert  a messy space into a great location for a money-making home business or workshop.

•  Re-purpose  an unused room, and rent it out for extra income.

•  Turn  unwanted furniture, collectibles, donation items, and clutter into $$ for profit.

•  Learn  secrets to save on your monthly expenses for groceries, clothing, and home goods.



How we work


Levels of service - With Create Order organizing, you can choose from various levels of service:


  1.    DIY     - Do It Yourself    -  I do the assessment and consulting, you do the follow-up and the work. 

  2.    DIT     - Do It Together   -  We work side by side to make decisions, clear space, and create order.

  3.    DIFM  - Do It For Me      -  I do initial sort, clean-up, and organizing, you make final decisions.


A Client Agreement is provided to you ahead of time by email, specifying all the details for our sessions.


Sessions are normally 4 hours, charged by the hour (6-hour sessions by arrangement for large projects).


Home walk-through and assessment - We begin with an assessment to:

     - Allow you to show your space; verbalize concerns; and express what’s not working, so we can fix it.

     - Envision how we want your rooms to look, feel, and function.

     - Make a plan of action, and decide where we want to begin.

     - Then immediately dig in to begin the work, hands-on -- all in the same initial session.



Comprehensive services - We can pull together a team to work for your project as needed:


     - Organizing assistants - Create Order has access to hands-on help from apprentices who can assist

       with the background work for us, in exchange for their training and on-the-job experience--often at no cost to you. 

       With 2 organizers on your project, we get twice as much work done for less cost, and finish more quickly.


     - Outside services - Create Order can also arrange for a reliable handyman to help with our lifting, repairs,

       and heavy work.  We can also recommend and arrange for carpenters, tradesmen, and craftsmen.


     - Bulk shredding, donation pick-up, and junk hauling can also be arranged for you.



Services that are included by your organizer in your normal session fee:


     - Container/supplies shopping - These can be purchased for you, so we’ll have what we need ahead of time.

     - Coaching - Tips and techniques are provided as we work, for both home and business.

     - Systems set-up - After organizing, we set systems in place to help you maintain order.

     - Donation delivery - Smaller bagged items can be hauled and donated by your Organizer.

     - Email and phone follow-up – Free consultation is included between sessions, to check in and follow up.

     - Monthly “maintenance” - These shorter sessions are available to help you maintain the work we've done.

     - Office/paperwork management and interior redesign/decorating - These services are also available.

     - FREE hours - Earn free hours from your Organizer, by referring clients or booking speaking engagements!


Choose Create Order for all your organizing needs!


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