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Office Productivity Services


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            Need to get your business un-stuck, and move forward?

            Can’t find legal documents?   Behind on paying taxes?

            Swamped with e-mail, snail-mail, paper piles, and multiple projects?

            Get help to bring office chaos into order!


How can Create Order Office Productivity Consulting help you?


1.  Set Up Your Workspace:


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•  Transform  your desk and office into an effective workspace, to eliminate getting tangled in undone things.

•  Get  office furnishings that ensure comfort and convenience, to help you work at your best.

•  Locate  close at hand the things you need most often, to avoid hap-hazard work motions.

•  Set up  event files, project boxes, and hot zone spaces, and use color and creativity to energize your space.

•  Organize  and beautify your office to create a pleasant atmosphere, so you love doing your work.



2.  Organize Your Information:


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•  Get  electronic information and e-mail under control, to find documents easily.

•  Streamline  your business, by creating an overall plan to tame the paperwork pandemonium.

•  Make  sense out of the chaos of client contracts, marketing ideas, legal papers, and business overwhelm.  

•  Learn  to manage the paper overflow from conferences, internet, subscriptions, junk mail, and more.

•  View  your business or household finances at a glance, by creating a “visual budget.”

•  Organize  your vital documents, and find financial papers in a flash.

•  Create  a Mail and Bill-Paying Center, to keep bills current and avoid late fees and fines.

•  Organize  a system for receipts, statements, and other documents, to prepare and pay taxes on time.



3.  Maximize Your Time:




•  Achieve  more business clarity, focus, and productivity by getting time management coaching.

•  Analyze  the workflow in your business to find the most productive techniques for you personally.

•  Set  reasonable short-term and long-term business goals that are doable for you to achieve.

•  Shrink down  overwhelming projects into manageable, bite-size chunks of time.

•  Set up  chronological, visual timelines, by setting milestone dates and realistic project deadlines.

•  Calendar your action items and make appointments with yourself to get things done.

•  Use  the “next logical step” approach to break inertia and generate action.

•  Move  forward and get un-stuck, by using your Productivity Consultant as an accountability partner

   and business coach -- a “personal trainer” for your business.



Get help today, and become your most productive ever!






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